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When you need to stay extra cool, then you need a new Portable air conditioner unit. When you want to keep extra cool without breaking the bank, you need to shop Portable air conditioner units at Rent-A-Center. We make it easy to keep your house breezy when it gets too hot to function. And when you’re ready to rent a Portable A/C unit, we can deliver it straight to you, no sweat.

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Why Rent-to-Own Portable Air Conditioners at Rent-A-Center

Did you know? Air conditioning technology has been around for about a hundred years! That means the tech should be pretty affordable, right? At Rent-A-Center, we think no one should have to sweat through the summer heat because new air conditioner units are too pricey. Plus, having dependable air conditioning can do more than make your home more enjoyable. It can also save your valuables from getting damaged or moldy by keeping the air in your home climate-controlled. Humidity and moisture flourish in warm environments and can damage your home and the items inside it. Thankfully, you can keep your cool with a new Portable air conditioner! At Rent-A-Center, you can find affordable Portable air conditioners so you can keep your home feeling refreshing and cool.

When to Buy a New Air Conditioner

When your current air conditioner starts blowing warm air or won't blow air at all, you know it's time to start air conditioner shopping. But sometimes the situation isn't so clear. Sometimes, signs that it’s time to get a new one are a bit more subtle. Watch for these three occurrences for help determining the right time to shop for a new Portable air conditioner.

Strange Sounds or Smells

Most air conditioners are made to be on the quiet side so you can enjoy cool air but still keep a conversation going. So, if you hear chattering, grinding, clanking, or any other new strange noise coming from your air conditioning, it’s time to start thinking of getting a new one. Also, you shouldn't be able to smell anything when your air conditioning unit is on. But if you smell a burning smell or something out of the ordinary when your unit kicks on, it’s worth checking out a new Portable air conditioner.

Sluggish Air Flow

If your A/C unit is set to MAX COLD, but the air is barely blowing, your unit is likely on its way out. There is more potential for parts and pieces of your air conditioner to break as time goes on. Air conditioners are just like other appliances! They eventually need replacing. You may notice very little air coming through the A/C vent or that your room takes too long to cool down to your desired temperature. Does this sound like your situation? Then consider getting a new unit.

Higher Energy Bills

Malfunctioning air conditioners are usually older and require much more energy to get the job done. You may notice a spike in your energy bill when this happens. If your monthly expenses are going up and the kids aren't leaving the doors or windows open, your air conditioner might be the culprit.

Rent-to-Own a New Portable Air Conditioner Unit

Shop Rent-A-Center for a new Portable air conditioner that you can purchase on your own terms. No layaway, just flexible weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payments. Visit a nearby Rent-A-Center or start your order online and pick the unit that's best for you.

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