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Is your current washer and dryer broken or on the fritz? Don't struggle with outdated or malfunctioning appliances. Instead, shop Rent-A-Center for a new washer and dryer! Get competitive prices and great deals when you shop for your new washer and dryer at Rent-A-Center. And if the price tag is a little intimidating, we can help with that too! With financing options available, you can take your new washer and dryer home today while keeping money in your pocket. It's all part of our Worry-Free Guarantee!

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Take the Stress Out of Appliance Shopping with Rent-A-Center

Home appliances are no small investment. It can require money, energy, and time to get your ideal appliance at the right price. That's time not being spent at home with your new appliances. And if you're shopping with your little ones, stopping by a bunch of different stores and spending hours browsing can take even more time and energy than it should! We think that if you can save energy, time, and money when you're washer and dryer shopping, then why not do it. That's why we're all about washer and dryer sales!

Helping You Save Time at Rent-A-Center

When you’re shopping for new home appliances, finding the right one can be time-consuming. With tons of types, brands, and models to pick from, it's not always easy to know which one will be best for your home. But at Rent-A-Center, our large online selection makes it easy to compare different appliance models. So, when you’re looking for a new washer and dryer, but you aren’t sure which one to get, then save time by comparing all different brands and models online. And when you’re ready to buy, we make spotting awesome washer and dryer deals effortless by visibly marking the deals and sales. That's how Rent-A-Center helps you save time!

Helping You Save Money at Rent-A-Center

Everyone loves saving money. At one time or another, however, almost everyone has likely chosen to spend more money out of convenience rather than search for a deal. But why do we have to choose between saving money and convenience? At Rent-A-Center, however, we think spending less money should be the most convenient thing you do while shopping! Browse our appliance selection to find great washer and dryer deals and sales on new appliances of all sorts.

Rent-A-Center Can Help You Save Energy

The days are only so long, and making it through can take a lot of energy. So, why spend that precious energy shopping all over town when it’s time to get a new appliance? At Rent-A-Center, we get that getting new home appliances isn't usually a simple task. But that doesn’t mean it should take all day! No matter if you know exactly what you want or you've only just begun your journey to buying new appliances, Rent-A-Center is here to make your buying experience as stress-free as possible. Now, you can get a great deal on a new washer and dryer without wasting all the energy you have in a given day. Who is energy-efficient now? You are.

Get the most out of your home with great new appliances from Rent-A-Center, and save time, money, and energy while doing it. After all, you owe it to yourself to get an awesome deal on a brand-name washer and dryer, and we make it simple to get one. Stop by a Rent-A-Center near you or go online to shop deals and sales for a new washer and dryer today.

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