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Aside from your washing machine, your dryer is one of the most important appliances in your laundry room. It dries out your clothes, blankets, sheets, and even stuffed animals. Some dryers can even help reduce wrinkles, odors, bacteria, and static cling. You shouldn't have to go a day without a dryer. Rent-A-Center has affordable dryers for sale now! If shopping for a new clothes dryer has your head spinning, then tumble on over to Rent-A-Center. We'll help you find the best dryer for your needs. We'll explain the various features that come with each dryer, like wrinkle control, moisture sensors, and digital consoles, so you can choose the right one for your family.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Dryer?

If you have to ask, it's probably time to replace your dryer with a new clothes dryer from Rent-A-Center. Watch for these signs it's time to replace your dryer:

  • Your dryer vibrates loudly.
  • It takes several cycles to dry your clothes completely.
  • Your dryer has caught fire before.
  • You can't remember the last time you bought a new dryer.

But the most obvious sign your dryer's not doing so hot? It's not getting your clothes dry! You could pay to have it serviced and repaired, or you could get a new dryer at Rent-A-Center, one that we'll service for free.

Types of Clothes Dryers to Consider

You might be 100% sure you want to rent-to-own a new clothes dryer. That’s great! If you’re not sure, though, learn more about the most common types of dryers below. You might change your mind about the color, size, or style. Keep in mind that if you currently have a gas or electric dryer, you’ll probably need to stick with a similar one unless you want to change the power source in your home.

  • Front-Load Dryer: Front-load dryers are the most common type of dryer. A front-load dryer has a door that opens on the front.
  • Stackable Dryer: If you have a stackable washer, you need a stackable dryer. A stackable dryer sits on top of the washer, instead of next to it, so that you can maximize your space.
  • Top-Load Dryer: Searching for a top-load dryer? We hate to tell you, but they don’t exist anymore. Air needs to flow through and around your clothes to dry them. This is only achieved by tumbling clothes. A top-loading dryer wouldn’t be able to property tumble your wet clothes. It would be able to get your clothes about as dry as the “spin” cycle on your washer.

Buy a New Dryer at Rent-A-Center

You can bring home a new clothes dryer from Rent-A-Center today. Rent-A-Center is the only place where you can enjoy the best brands on any budget, without credit.**

Fill out an order online to save time in-store, where your local Rent-A-Center associate will help you complete your purchase. Your dryer will be delivered and set up for free. If something goes wrong with your clothes dryer, you don't have to call a repairman. Call us, and we'll service it at no additional cost to you. If you change your mind and want to upgrade to a newer dryer or a different one altogether, you're free to do that, too! Save time, and start your appliance order today.

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