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From tailgating and camping to keeping the electricity on during a storm, 1700W generators are great for keeping you powered up in the best and worst of situations! Shop affordable options at Rent-A-Center today!

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Why Buy a Brand-New 1700W Generator

1700W generators equip you with secondary electricity when you need it most — from powering up your home and appliances during a storm to charging your electric car in a bad scenario. Rent-A-Center offers budget-friendly options so you can keep the electricity going in nearly any situation. Here are a few ways to know if a brand-new 1700W generator is right for you and your family.

Love a Good Tailgate? Buy That 1700W Generator!

If you enjoy social gatherings like tailgates, then 1700W generators might be just what you need for dipping into the end zone. During these events, power outlets aren't often accessible, so you'll definitely want a generator for powering up those fantastic pre-game events. Become the envy of every single tailgater when you amp up your sound system, power up the grill, and keep the electricity flowing all party long!

Take Frequent Camping Trips? You Want a New Generator!

Enjoying the greater outdoors is a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But if you want to keep your mini-fridge going, your lunch warm and heated, and your cell phone at 100%, then you could benefit from 1700W generators. They’ll power up any electronics you have so you can decompress, and enjoy your escape out of the city.

Want to Stay Connected During a Power Outage? You Need a New 1700W Generator

Generators come in handy during bad storms where outages happen. 1700W generators can help to keep imperative medical devices going, connect you to your workplace and loved ones with internet connectivity, charged cell phones, and desktops, and supply additional power to larger appliances like ovens, fridges, heaters, and more when needed. Ensuring that you have an accessible 1700W generator handy is a great way to remain diligent against power outages.

When Power isn't Available, Pull Out Your New 1700W Generator

Whether you’re restoring a classic vehicle in your shed or putting up a new floating outside patio or gate which makes it difficult for an power cord to reach properly, 1700W generators can help get the project done quickly. Connect your power tools, lose those short-lived batteries, and finish your car or home improvement in a snap when you order a reliable, new 1700W generator.

Order a New 1700W Generator from Rent-A-Center

Are you ready to rent or straight up own a new generator? From flexible payments to our free, same-day delivery options **, and 4-6 months same as cash option, we make it easy to take home the tools, appliances, and generators you want at an unbeatable price. So, get powered up and visit your neighborhood Rent-A-Center for the 1700W generator you want today!

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