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Sure, generators are great for keeping the electricity flowing during a power outage, but they do so much more! From keeping you powered up during a camping trip to providing you with an electric source during an outside celebration — getting the 3650W generator you need from Rent-A-Center is both affordable and convenient. Get yours today!

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Why You Need a New 3650W Generator

3650W generators offer additional electricity when you need it most — from powering your home office during an outage to charging up your vehicle in an emergency. Rent-A-Center offers affordable pricing so you can keep the power flowing in nearly any situation. Learn why a brand-new 3650W generator is right for you and your family.

All About the Tailgate? An 3650W Generator is What You Need!

If you're someone who enjoys social gatherings like tailgates, then shopping 3650W generators might be just what you need for dipping into the end zone. During these events, an outlet isn't always available, so it'll be great to have a generator for powering up those fantastic tailgating activities. Become the envy of everyone at the tailgate when you amp up your sound system, light up the grill, and keep the energy going all tailgate long!

Like to Enjoy Nature with Frequent Camping Trips? Get a new 3650W Generator!

Getting out of the city and into the great outdoors is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. But if you want to keep your portable fridge cool, your lunch nice and hot, and your cell phone at 100%, then a new 3650W generator may be right for you! It'll charge up all of the electrical devices you own so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your adventurous escape.

Want to Stay Proactive Against Outages? That 3650W Generator is a Must

Generators come in handy when inclement weather and power outages happen. A new 3650W generator can keep important medical devices going, connect you to work and loved ones with internet connectivity, charged cellular devices, and computers, and offer emergency power restoration to bigger appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, and more when you need them most. Having a reliable 3650W generator handy is an excellent way to stay proactive against inconvenient outages.

If you Work Where Power isn't Accessible, You Need a New 3650W Generator

Whether you're repairing a classic vehicle in your free time or setting up a new floating outside patio or gate too far out for an electric cord to reach, the correct 3650W generator can help get the project done right. Plug in your power tools, lose those short-lived batteries, and complete your car or home improvement in a snap when you order a new 3650W generator.

Get Your New 3650W Generator at Rent-A-Center

Ready to rent or fully own a brand-new 3650W generator? From our flexible payment options to our complimentary, same-day delivery options**, and same as cash payment option, we make it easy to take home the tools, appliances, and generators you want at a cost you'll love. So, get powered up and head to your local Rent-A-Center for the budget-friendly 3650W generator you need today!

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