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Sure, generators are great for keeping the electricity flowing during a power outage, but they do so much more! From keeping you powered up during a camping trip to providing you with an electric source during an outside celebration — getting the Discount generator you need from Rent-A-Center is both affordable and convenient. Get yours today!

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Why Buy a Brand-New Discount Generator

Discount generators equip you with supplemental electricity whenever and wherever you need it — from generating electricity for your home during a storm to keeping your vehicle charged in an emergency. Rent-A-Center offers budget-friendly options so you can keep the electricity going whenever and wherever you need it. Here’s how to know if a new Discount generator is needed for your household.

All About the Tailgate? An Discount Generator is What You Need!

If you're all about social gatherings like tailgates, then shopping Discount generators is perfect for tailgating season. During these events, an energy source isn’t always available, so it'll be great to have a generator for powering up those awesome tailgating events. Get looks of admiration from every single tailgater when you blast your speakers, light up the grill, and keep the electricity flowing all party long!

Take Frequent Camping Trips? You Want a New Generator!

Spending time in nature is a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. But if you'd like to keep your portable fridge cool, your lunch nice and toasty, and your phone fully charged, then you could use a new Discount generator. It'll charge up all of the electronics you need so you can unwind, and fully enjoy your adventurous escape.

Stay Powered Up During an Outage with Your Discount Generator

Generators can be especially useful when inclement weather and power outages occur. Discount generators can help to keep imperative health equipment going, connect you to your job and loved ones with internet connectivity, charged cell phones, and desktops, and supply additional power to bigger appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, and heaters when needed. Having a reliable Discount generator handy is a fantastic way to stay prepared in case of power outages.

If you Work Where Power isn't Accessible, You Need a New Discount Generator

Whether you’re restoring a classic vehicle in the garage or installing a new floating outside patio or gate too far out for an power cord to reach properly, the correct Discount generator can help get the project done quickly. Plug in your electric tools, get rid of those quick-to-die batteries, and complete your project in a snap with a reliable, new Discount generator.

Rent-A-Center Has the Discount Generators You Need

Ready to rent or completely own a new generator? From our flexible payment options to free, same-day delivery** and product reservation, we make it easy to take home the items you want at a cost you'll love. So, get powered up and head to your nearest Rent-A-Center for the budget-friendly Discount generator you need today!

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