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Sure, generators are great for keeping the electricity flowing during a power outage, but they do so much more! From keeping you powered up during a camping trip to providing you with an electric source during an outside celebration — getting the Inverter generator you need from Rent-A-Center is both affordable and convenient. Get yours today!

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Why Buy a Brand-New Inverter Generator

Inverter generators equip you with additional electric power when you need it most — from powering your home throughout blackouts to charging up your vehicle in a snap. Rent-A-Center ensures affordable pricing so you can keep the electricity going when you need it most. Here’s how to know if a brand-new Inverter generator is needed for your household.

Love a Good Tailgate? Buy That Inverter Generator!

If you enjoy social events like tailgating, then a new Inverter generator from Rent-A-Center might be just what you need for dipping into the end zone. At these celebrations, an outlet isn't always easy to find, so you'll need something to power up those awesome pre-game festivities. Get looks of admiration from everyone at the tailgate when you amp up your speakers, light up the grill, and keep the electric juices flowing all party long!

Take Frequent Camping Trips? You Want a New Generator!

Spending time in nature is a wonderful escape from the stressors of daily life. But if you need to keep your portable appliances powered, your meals nice and toasty, and your cell at 100%, then you could use a new Inverter generator. They’ll power up any electrical devices you have so you can sit back, unwind, and fully enjoy your weekend getaway.

Want to Stay Connected During a Power Outage? You Need a New Inverter Generator

Generators can be especially useful during bad storms where power outages happen. Inverter generators can help to keep essential medical devices going, connect you to your job and loved ones with online access, charged phones, and desktops, and offer emergency power restoration to large appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and more when needed. Ensuring that you have an accessible Inverter generator in your home is a fantastic way to stay proactive against outages in your home.

Keep Working Where Power Isn’t Always Available with Your Inverter Generator

Whether you're fixing a classic car in the garage or installing a new floating outside patio or gate which makes it difficult for an extension cord to reach, a new Inverter generator can help you get the job done in no time. Plug in your power tools, dump those short-lived batteries, and complete your car or home project in no time with a brand-new Inverter generator.

Get Your New Inverter Generator at Rent-A-Center

Ready to rent or straight up own a new Inverter generator? From flexible payment opportunities to our complimentary, same-day delivery options**, and same as cash payment option, we make it easy to take home the items you want at an unbeatable price. So, get amped up and head to your neighborhood Rent-A-Center for the Inverter generator you want today!

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