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Washing clothes is just one more thing on top of your already busy to-do list. Make it simple by ensuring that you have the right laundry set for the job. Shop Rent-A-Center's wide collection of affordable Amana washer and dryer sets, and make laundry day a breeze!

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Ditch Your Old Combo: Signs You Need a New Amana Washer & Dryer Set

Looking for signs it's time to switch your existing laundry duo with a brand-new Amana washer and dryer set? Look for these signs that you may need a new set.

Your Current Washer Leaks

If you notice a puddle of water on the floor after every wash cycle, it may be time to take action. Washer leaks are one of the most popular signs that a washer has come to the end of its useful life. Not only could this result in extensive damage to the floors and walls in your home, but cleaning up leaks just adds one more chore to an already hectic schedule.

Your Clothes are Still Wet When You Take Them Out

If your clothes are dripping when you take them out of the washing machine or are still moist when you take them out from drying, this could be a big red flag. Not only is this a possible indication of wear and tear, but drying wet laundry or redoing washer and dryer cycles can be both tedious and annoying! In addition, your laundry combos inability to work properly could be running up your energy bill!

Your Current Laundry Combo is Too Loud

Are your current washing appliances so clattery that they disturb conversations nearby? Many Amana washer and dryers sets launder with little to no noise. If you see that one or both of your appliances sounds like it might take flight, you may want to consider purchasing a Amana washer and dryer set for less noisy cleaning cycles.

They Move While Laundering Your Clothing

If your current set almost seems like it's about to leave the room when working, then it may be time to ditch it.

Your Current Combo is Old

Although newer sets can last beyond this timeframe, if your current one is too old, it may not be as efficient. And not only does repeatedly fixing your set get more expensive, but they can also happen more frequently, too. Save more cash overall by replacing your old set with the Amana washer and dryer sets at Rent-A-Center.

Ready to Purchase a Reliable Amana Washer & Dryer Set?

When looking for new appliances, you might think it best to buy your washer or dryer separately. Not only will getting a matching set help to benefit in style, but the features and care cycles will operate together perfectly for the ultimate cleaning efficiency.

Bring Home the Amana Washer & Dryer Set of Your Dreams!

Purchasing the perfect washer and dryer for your home doesn't need to be complicated or break the bank! At Rent-A-Center, you don't need to bend over backwards or go over budget to get the household appliances you need! So, stop ignoring the signs that you need a replacement combo, and unload your clothing and upholstery into a working Amana washer and dryer set at Rent-A-Center. You can rent-to-own or buy that Amana laundry set flat out. No credit options available!

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