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Are you ready to unload those overflowing laundry baskets into a washer and dryer you can be proud of? Stop mopping up leaks, handwashing your garments, or repeating spin cycles just to get the job done right. Browse Rent-A-Center's budget-friendly selection of Apartment washer and dryer sets, and enjoy powerful cleaning and drying performance after every load.

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Signs It's Time to Buy a New Apartment Washer and Dryer Set

Not sure if it's time to switch your old laundry combo with a brand-new Apartment washer and dryer set? Watch for these five signs that you may need a replacement.

Your Current Washer Leaks

If you've started to notice water puddles on the floor after every load, you may need to take action. Washer leaks are one of the most popular signs that a washer has come to the end of its useful life. Not only could this result in damage to the floors and walls in that room, but wiping up leaks just adds one more task to an already hectic schedule.

Your Laundry isn't Drying Properly

If your laundry is dripping when you remove them from the washing machine or are still damp after drying, this may be a major red flag. Not only are these potential signs of overall damage, but air-drying wet clothing or redoing dry cycles can be both tedious and time-consuming! Plus, your dryer's inefficiency can lead to an expensive electric bill!

Your Laundry Set Makes Too Much Noise

Are your current appliances so noisy that they disrupt conversations nearby? Most Apartment washer and dryer sets function at little to no noise-level. So, if you notice that one or both of your appliances sounds as if it's about to take flight, think about buying a new Apartment laundry set in exchange for more quiet clean cycles.

They Move While Washing

If you notice that your washer and dryer almost seems like it's about to leave the laundry room during a wash cycle, then it may be time to ditch your current set.

Your Current Combo is Old

Although more modern laundry sets can last over 10 years, if your existing one is too old, it may not work as well as newer models. Not only does appliance repair become more costly, but they can happen more frequently, too. Save more cash in the long run by switching your old set with our Apartment laundry duos from Rent-A-Center.

Should You Buy That Apartment Washer and Dryer Set?

When shopping for a new appliance, you may want to buy them separately. Not only will purchasing a set coordinate in style, but the features and cycles will operate together seamlessly for the greatest results.

Take Home the Apartment Washer and Dryer Set You Want Today!

Purchasing a new cleaning combo doesn't need to be complicated or unaffordable! Rent-A-Center believes you shouldn't have to jump through hoops or break the bank to get the appliances you desire. So, stop avoiding the signs that your laundry set needs to be replaced, and unload your garments into a more reliable Apartment washer and dryer set from Rent-A-Center. Go the rent-to-own route or buy that Apartment laundry set flat out. No credit options available!

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