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Are your clothes smelly right after you’ve taken it out of the washer? Perhaps it’s causing long-term damage to your home with excessive water leakage. The time has come to get the 3.8 cu. ft. washing machine you’ve been dreaming of! At Rent-A-Center, you won’t have to sacrifice clean laundry or leak-free loads. Order today and get free same-day delivery and setup**!

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What to Look for When Buying a Washing Machine

The most impressive washing machines are durable enough to get the grass stains out of your kid's soccer uniform, delicate enough to clean your favorite knitted sweater, and quick enough to never delay your plans. Every family will look for different benefits when shopping for a new 3.8 cu. ft. washer. At Rent-A-Center, our 3.8 cu. ft. washing machines offer it all, from just the basics to all the latest high-tech features.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your 3.8 cu. ft. washer:

  • Usage frequency: Do you frequently wash bigger or smaller loads? While smaller washing machines are great for saving on energy and water, they aren’t as efficient as larger washers at cleaning bigger, heavier loads.
  • Washer location: You may want to consider three key location factors when shopping for the perfect washing machine — visibility, space, and noise level. Make sure that your hook-ups and additional components aren’t visible, and that the washing machine will fit in its designated space. Also, consider how loud your washer may be. You wouldn’t want it to disrupt your sleep!

At Rent-A-Center, you can have all of the washing machine functions you need at a budget-friendly price. We even have same-day set-up and delivery options**! Your family can enjoy cleaner clothes today with 3.8 cu. ft. washing machines from Rent-A-Center.

You Can Afford to Take Home the 3.8 cu. ft. Washer of Your Dreams!

You really can! Bring home a new 3.8 cu. ft. washing machine from Rent-A-Center today. Rent-A-Center is the only place where you can enjoy the latest brands at affordable prices. No credit needed**!

Complete your order online and save time in-house, where our knowledgeable Rent-A-Center associates will help you take home your favorite 3.8 cu. ft. washing machine today. We will set-up and deliver** your 3.8 cu. ft. washer free of charge. If something goes wrong with your washing machine, we'll service it at no additional cost to you. If your new washer isn’t the perfect fit, and you’d like to get a different one or upgrade to a newer 3.8 cu. ft. washer, you're free to do that, too! Save time and start your appliance order online today.

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