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Take your video gaming experience to the next level with a 500GB gaming system. Get the storage you need, the graphics you want, and the games you love without worrying about breaking the bank. At Rent-A-Center, you can easily buy the latest 500GB gaming console and even pay no interest with our 6 Months Same As Cash option.

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Which Game Console Should You Buy?

You’re ready to purchase a new gaming console. But which one right is right for you? With so many options for portability, processor speeds, online features, storage capacity, and additional features it can feel a little complicated. Here are some factors to consider. Start Your Order

Should You Buy a Sony Playstation 4?

The Playstation 4 is the console for any gamer looking for a well-rounded catalog of games for all ages. Its top-quality graphics and high-speed processor make HD gaming a seamless experience. And with 500GB and 1TB models, you’d have to put some serious effort into running out of space.

When it comes to online features, the Playstation 4 certainly isn’t lacking. Play your favorite games online with Sony’s PS Plus service. You can also stream your favorite shows and movies! So, whether it’s streaming or gaming, this gaming device is a one-stop-shop for your entertainment needs.

Should You Get a Microsoft Xbox One?

For the serious gamer, the Microsoft Xbox One just might be the console for you. This heavy-lifting machine pulls its weight. Its existing game catalog is huge. Can this console get any better than that? The answer — yes. The Xbox One is also backward-compatible with games from the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. And with 4K capability, you’ll bring home the ultimate cinematic experience.

The Xbox One has every online service you could need. Connect with new people around the world on the Xbox Live network. And when your thumbs need a break, stream the latest seasons of your favorite shows from your preferred streaming providers. With 500GB and 1TB models, you can game and stream to your heart’s content.

Should You Purchase a Nintendo Switch?

When it comes to portability, the Nintendo Switch is the clear winner. With the 6.2-inch HD screen molded directly into the console, you can pull out your Switch anywhere and anytime. And when you’re ready to play with friends or amplify your gaming experience, connect your TV to the embedded dock and watch your Switch illuminate the television screen. You can even detach your Joy-Con motion controller and enjoy an enhanced gaming experience for all age groups.

The Nintendo Switch has 32GBs of storage. But if that’s not sufficient for playing your favorite Nintendo games, you can add more storage with a micro SD card. Also, download new releases directly to your device through Nintendo’s eShop. If you’re looking for a portable interactive gaming console, look no further.

Own a New 500GB Video Game Console Today

Whether you’re looking for games with online multiplayer options or ones you can play with friends around the world, the 500GB game console has what you need for the games you want. And it's easy to see that the latest video games require more storage and better graphics. If you own the latest console, there’s no need to wonder if it will keep up! Go ahead, rally the online gaming crew, or have your friends or family over for an unforgettable game night on your very own 500GB video game console. Rent-A-Center is your store for the newest 500GB video game systems.

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