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Are you renovating a room that has been begging for a makeover longer than you’d like to admit? Or perhaps you’re furnishing your very first home. When you turn to Rent-A-Center, we help make buying Ashley furniture fun and exciting, and you won't have to compromise on material, style, or finish.

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Searching for New Ashley Furniture?

New Ashley furniture is a must if...

Your current Ashley furniture is damaged.

Your home should be your sanctuary, not just another building. Make every room comfortable and cozy with the perfect Ashley furniture, and make run-down furniture a thing of the past. You should enjoy your home’s atmosphere. Rent-A-Center can help you make that a reality!

Your style has changed since you first bought Ashley furniture.

You’ve grown over the years. The furniture in your home should grow with you, namely your Ashley furniture. Does the fabric clash with the other pieces in the room? Do you loathe walking through your front door and being faced with ancient furniture? Are you resenting your animal print phase? Then the time has come for new furniture.

 You don't invite people over because of your furniture.

Perhaps you opt-out of throwing the party at your place, or you hesitate to invite your in-laws over for the evening. With your upgraded Ashley furniture, you can entertain everyone: your kids' friends, your coworkers and their families, your neighbors—the whole crew!

You’re starting a new stage of life.

Whether you’re beginning your life after college, having a baby, or your adult children are moving back in. you deserve upgraded Ashley furniture that matches your life stage. Rent-A-Center makes it easy for you to take home the most popular brands, for any room in your home and for any time period. We understand that life is ever-changing, and with us, long-term commitments are not required. Few Ashley furniture stores can say the same!

You want to renovate your home with modern Ashley furniture!

The best excuse to purchase new Ashley furniture? You want it! Select your favorites from our wide-variety of home decor items and we’ll turn your desires into a reality! Get the payments, flexibility, and freedom that you desire now!

Where Should You Go for Affordable Ashley Furniture?

Rent-A-Center meets all of your Ashley furniture needs! We make it simple to buy the home furniture you want right now. Complete your order online and save time in-house, and our knowledgeable Rent-A-Center associates will help you complete bringing your Ashley furniture home. Your furniture will be delivered and set up for free. If the fit isn’t quite right, and you want to modify your renovation, we’ve got you covered!

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