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Time to replace your bed frame? Make it easy when you buy or rent a new full bed frame. Flexible payments, name brand furniture, and unbeatable selection— what more could you want? Learn more about which bed frame is right for you.

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full bed frames can set you on a solid foundation for the restful sleep you need, which can lead you into a successful day of checking off to-do's and enjoying some fun! On the flip side, if your bed frame is lacking in support, quality, or comfort, it's certainly not doing your sleep or overall wellbeing any favors.

If you’re not satisfied with the furniture in your bedroom at present, consider upgrading to a new full bed frame that lets you lounge comfortably, cuddle up, and drift away! A new bed frame with a different style, height, or style might be just what gives you, your partner, or a family member better sleep.

Shop for full bed frames that suit your budget, your space, and your lifestyle with Rent-A-Center, where you can get flexible payment plans, local delivery at no charge, and friendly service.

How Often Should You Replace Your Bed Frame

Your current bed frame has served you for as long as you can remember, through countless months of thick comforters and thin coverlets. You may even be sad to think about replacing it, but it's hard to ignore the fact that a new full bed frame sounds lovely. Even if you're unsure of which type of full bed frame you'd want to buy, you'll want to think about replacing yours if you note any of the following telltale signs:

  • You hear creaking or squeaking when you roll over or sit up in bed.
  • Your current bed slats are split, broken, or cracked.
  • Your kids are outgrowing their beds.
  • You've just moved, and your old bed frame won't work in the bedroom at your new home.
  • You feel like changing up your bedroom style.

If you think your bed frame is old or showing signs of wear, it might not be holding up the weight of your mattress (or YOU!) like it's supposed to. Moreover, damaged slats on your bed frame could actually give out while you're sleeping— that'll certainly make for a rough night! Don’t let your snooze time become a terrible nightmare. Make the smart choice and get the peaceful sleep you deserve with an affordable full bed frame from a Rent-A-Center near you.

How to Choose a New full Bed Frame

Your perfect full bed frame is both stylish and comfortable. Selecting the best one for you, your guests, or your kids is essential and there can be a lot of factors to consider! Don't worry— we can help. Keep reading for some easy guidelines to help you pick a new full bed frame for your home.

Determine what size you want. If you want to keep the mattress you have now, your new frame will have to accommodate it. If you’re getting a smaller bed to make the most of a small space, or moving your kids from a twin to a full, purchase a bed frame that will fit the new mattress you have in mind.

Measure the size of your bedroom, too. The last thing you want to do is buy a bed frame that can't fit in your chosen bedroom! Visit your nearby Rent-A-Center with the measurements of your bedroom, and we’ll help you find a new full bed frame that will work. Keep in mind that height, storage, and other decorative accents can make some bed frames significantly bigger than others, even if they're designed for a similar mattress size.

Give your bedroom furniture a cohesive look. Some say a room that feels chaotic makes it difficult to sleep well. We have to agree! Selecting bedroom furniture that matches or budget-friendly bedroom bundles can take your bedroom from uninviting to stylish and calming.

Enhance your features. Several of RAC's full bed frames have cutting-edge features that can help elevate your bedroom even more. Pick from trundle beds for kids' sleepovers, LED-enhanced bed frames for the teenage gamers, and polished wood frames for a classic and chic master bedroom!

As soon as you've chosen the full bed frame you like best, leave the rest to the Rent-A-Center team. We'll process and finalize your purchase, and help you pick a flexible payment schedule that fits within your budget. We'll also schedule free delivery and setup of your full bed frame for your convenience. See how easy it can be! Shop online or visit us in person at your nearest Rent-A-Center today.

Is a New full Bed Frame Expensive?

Some big-box or cheap furniture stores aren’t as low-priced as they seem. But restful and restorative sleep in a cozy and comfortable bed shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. The best news? With Rent-A-Center, it won't.

As a matter of fact, at Rent-A-Center, you don't need credit** or a huge down-payment to get the full bed frame you want with a dream-worthy low price tag. Plus, we can offer free local delivery and assembly, as well as bedroom furniture bundles to give your bedroom the new look you're craving. See for yourself how it can be to rent furniture for your home with Rent-A-Center! Build your order on our website check out full bed frames at a nearby RAC showroom today!

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