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Buy, rent, own! Do it all your way and sleep well on a new twin bed frame that won't bust your budget. Stylish, mattress-ready beds from top brands are waiting for you. Learn more about the process of getting a new bed frame and how to shop for one.

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A new twin bed frame sets you up for better-than-ever sleep, which leads you right into a wonderful day full of productivity and playtime! But if your bed frame has less-than-optimal quality or support, you could be undermining your sleep quality and health.

If it's time to move on from the bedroom furniture you have, you'll love a new twin bed frame where you can relax, enjoy a snuggle, and drift away! A bed frame that's a different size, style, or even height can be just what gives you, your partner, or a family member better sleep.

Browse new twin bed frames that suit your furniture budget, your room, and your lifestyle at Rent-A-Center, where you'll enjoy payments you can afford, free delivery, and top-notch service.

When to Replace Your Bed Frame

Your bed frame has been there for you for years and years, through endless seasons of warm summer rest and chilly winter nights. Some may even say you’re a little attached to it, but it's hard to ignore the fact that a new twin bed frame sounds lovely. Even if you don’t know which variety of twin bed frame you want to upgrade to, you'll want to think about replacing yours if you note any of the following telltale signs:

  • Your frame squeaks or creaks whenever you move around on your bed.
  • Your current bed slats are split, broken, or cracked.
  • Your kids are outgrowing their beds.
  • You've just moved, and your old bed frame won't work in the bedroom at your new home.
  • You're ready to switch up your bedroom decor style.

When your bed frame is damaged, worn, or showing its age, it might not be supporting the weight of a mattress or your body like it needs to. Plus, old or broken bed frame slats can even collapse while you're sleeping— and that makes for a rude awakening! Don't allow your nightly rest to turn into a nightmare. Make your bed into a haven and get the sleep of your dreams when you purchase a high-quality twin bed frame from your nearby Rent-A-Center.

How to Choose a New twin Bed Frame

Your perfect twin bed frame is both stylish and comfortable. Choosing the right bed frame for your guests, your kids, or yourself is important and the options can seem overwhelming! Don't worry— we’ve got you covered. Here are a few easy guidelines to help you pick a new twin bed frame for your home.

Figure out the size you’ll need. If you want to keep the mattress you have now, you’ll have to find a bed frame that fits it. If you're changing your mattress to a smaller size to maximize a tight room, or upgrading your kids' beds from twin to full size, look for a bed frame that will work for the mattress size you have in mind.

Measure the size of your bedroom, too. The last thing you want to do is end up with a bed frame that won't fit in your room! Head to a Rent-A-Center location with the dimensions of your room, and we'll show you a new twin bed frame that's sure to fit. Keep in mind that storage compartments, height, and structural style elements can make certain bed frames larger than others, even if they're designed for a similar mattress size.

Give your bedroom furniture a cohesive look. Many people say a room that feels chaotic makes it difficult to sleep well. We couldn't agree more! Finding matching bedroom furniture or budget-friendly bedroom bundles can help you create a space that’s stylish and relaxing.

Enhance your features. Many twin bed frames at RAC come with added features to take your bedroom to a new level of amazing. Choose between trundle beds for kids’ slumber parties, bed frames with built-in LED lighting for teens, and wood furniture for classic charm in the master bedroom!

After you've narrowed down the choices to the the perfect twin bed frame for you, leave the rest to the Rent-A-Center team. We’ll help you complete your purchase and pick a flexible payment schedule that won't disrupt your lifestyle or cash flow. We'll also schedule free delivery and setup of your twin bed frame for your convenience. What are you waiting for? Browse on our website or visit us in person at your nearest Rent-A-Center today.

Is a New twin Bed Frame Expensive?

Many cheap furniture stores aren’t as low-priced as they seem. But restful and restorative sleep in a premium bed shouldn't break the bank. And guess what? With Rent-A-Center, it doesn't have to.

As a matter of fact, at Rent-A-Center, you don't need credit** or a big upfront cash payment to get the twin bed frame you want at a price that won’t keep you up at night. Plus, we can offer free local delivery and assembly, and affordable bedroom furniture bundles to make furniture shopping easier than ever. Find out how simple it can be to rent furniture for your home with Rent-A-Center! Use our website to start an order or check out twin bed frames at your nearest RAC location today!

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