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From cribs and toddler-sized mattresses to Full Over Full bunk beds — phew! Those kiddos are growing up so fast. Keep up with your childrens' transitions, by shopping budget-friendly options at Rent-A-Center today!

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How to Find the Best Full Over Full Bunk Beds for Your Little Ones

Buying the perfect Full Over Full bunk bed for your little ones can seem kind of confusing in the beginning, but Rent-A-Center makes it easy with our large selection of designs and styles to choose from. Upgrade your little one's bedroom space with practicality, design, and safety in mind, by considering these tips prior to making your purchase.

Prioritize Safety Features When Buying a New Full Over Full Bunk Bed

Ensure that your bunk bed comes with all of the safety features you need to keep your children safe and secure. Does your little one sleepwalk? Would sleeping on the bottom bunk be the best solution? Will they need guardrails for a secure night's rest? Or, will your child be able to successfully navigate stairs or a ladder during a nightime potty break? Outline the rules for safety to your kiddos ahead of time, and provide them with a safe, age-appropriate option.

Consider Full Over Full Bunk Bed Dimensions

Before buying a new piece of furniture, you'd be wise to confirm whether or not it will fit properly. Start by measuring the proportions of your children's bedroom, determine the amount of space you'd like the Full Over Full bunk bed to occupy, and compare this to the proportions of the bed you're considering.

But not only should you evaluate the exact amount of space the bed will occupy in the bedroom, but you might also want to consider how much room they'll need while sleeping. If you have one or two kids, then twin bunk beds may work perfectly. If you have more than that, the twin over full may work best.

Transitional Full Over Full Bunk Beds

As your little ones mature, their bedroom preferences may begin to change. If you believe that your children may become bored of a bunk bed after only a few years or you anticipate the possibility of upgrading your home in time, consider purchasing a transitional Full Over Full bunk bed option that can adapt and grow with your household.

Full Over Full Bunk Bed Design and Style

You can't forget about the style and design of your new Full Over Full bunk bed! You'll want to make sure that the new bunk bed meshes well with the layout and theme in your child's bedroom. Fortunately, Rent-A-Center has a versatile collection of styles and designs perfect for your home, and we regularly get new inventory in different styles and colors. From formal French style to simple and functional design details, you won't have trouble finding a cost-efficient Full Over Full bunk bed that the entire family will love!

Shop Affordable Full Over Full Bunk Beds at Rent-A-Center

Whether you're redesigning an old bedroom or replacing a bed set that your children have outgrown, Rent-A-Center is here to help. With our wide collection of cost-effective Full Over Full bunk beds, you're sure to find the designs, storage, and dimensions you need to upgrade your children's bedroom with ease. With free, same-day delivery**, your kiddos can sleep the night away in their new Full Over Full bunk bed as soon as tonight! So, what are you waiting for? Shop on our website come see us at your neighborhood Rent-A-Center to rent or purchase your Full Over Full bunk beds, today!

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