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It seems like only yesterday, your little ones were wailing away in their little cribs. But in the blink of an eye, they're all grown up and ready for their very own "big kid" beds. Whether you're giving a child's bedroom a makeover, replacing an old bed set, or trying to find safe, kid-friendly sleep options, Rent-A-Center has you covered. Shop affordable Wooden bunk beds at Rent-A-Center, and give your family the gift of rest today!

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Wooden Bunk Bed

Settling on a great Wooden bunk bed for your little ones might seem a bit complicated at first, but Rent-A-Center makes it easy with our wide variety of designs and styles to pick from. Upgrade your kid's bedroom with functionality, design, and safety in mind, by keeping these tips before buying.

Wooden Bunk Bed Safety

Confirm that the bunk bed you choose has all the features needed to keep your child safe. Do you have a sleepwalker on your hands? Should they sleep on the bottom bunk? Will they need guardrails for a secure night's rest? Will they be able to handle using ladder or stairs when going for a post-bedtime bathroom break? Explain the safety rules to your little ones ahead of time, and equip them with the safest option possible for their age group.

Wooden Bunk Bed Space

Before buying that new Wooden bunk bed, it's important to confirm whether or not it will fit seamlessly into your kid's bedroom. To start, measure the dimensions in your children's bedroom, determine the amount of space you want the bunk bed to occupy, and compare it to the width, length, and height of the new Wooden bunk bed you want to buy.

Not only would you want to analyze the amount of space the new bunk bed will occupy in the bedroom, but you might also want to think about the amount of space they'll need while they're in it. If you have two children, then twin bunk beds might get the job done. If you have more than that, the twin over full might be the optimal choice.

Transitional Wooden Bunk Beds

As your little ones mature, bedroom situations may call for a little readjusting. If you think your children may grow tired of a bunk bed after only a few years or you think that you might do improvements on your home in a few years, it may be best to buy a transitional Wooden bunk bed that can grow with your household.

Wooden Bunk Bed Style

Of course you'll want to consider the style and design of your new Wooden bunk bed! It's important that the bunk bed you bring home matches the decor or theme in your kids' bedroom. Rent-A-Center has a wide selection of styles for your home, and we're always up-to-date on the newest colors, styles, and designs. From classic and rustic to cool and casual design details, you'll find a budget-friendly Wooden bunk bed that the entire family will love!

Shop Affordable Wooden Bunk Beds at Rent-A-Center

Whether you're redesigning an old bedroom or replacing an old, worn-out bed set, Rent-A-Center has the kid bed solutions you need. With our expansive selection of cost-effective Wooden bunk beds, you'll find the styles, functional storage options, and proportions you need to upgrade your little one's sleep space with ease. With free, same-day delivery**, your little ones can sleep and count sheep in their brand-new Wooden bunk bed as soon as tonight! So, why wait? Shop on our website visit your local Rent-A-Center to lease or buy Wooden bunk beds, today!

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