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Tired of flat cushions and mysterious stains on your living room furniture? We have what you need. Rent-to-Own budget-friendly Microfiber living room furniture sets at Rent-A-Center.

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How to Find the Best Microfiber Living Room Furniture for You

Shopping for Microfiber living room furniture at Rent-A-Center is easy. Choosing exactly what you want can be tough! Make it easier by following these steps. Start Your Order

The first step is measuring your living room. How long and how wide is the space? You can find this out by counting your steps or using a tape measure for more precise measurements. Whichever you choose, make sure to stay consistent, and measure your furniture with the same technique. Consistency alleviates any surprises! By measuring your living room first, you’ll be better be able to find Microfiber living room furniture that actually fits in your home.

Next, draw a layout of your living room along with any additional pieces you want to include. Are you leaving at least one yard (about three feet) of space between pieces of living room furniture? If you leave any less than that, you’re likely to feel crowded in one of the most fundamental areas of your home. Cramped spaces do not provide much comfort.

Take into account the furniture pieces you and your family use regularly. How will they be used? This is the time to consider function and style. If your home is filled with energetic children or unruly pets, you should consider furniture that's durable and easy to clean. If the living room is your family's all-in-one movie theater, homework station, and dining room, versatility and comfort should be your main priorities! Whatever you need, Rent-A-Center has Microfiber living room furniture to match.

Then, shop for the basics! Some people have a ton of living room furniture, some prefer to have less. There are no constraints when designing the best living room for you! Generally, living rooms are furnished with a sofa, side table, loveseat or armchair, and a coffee table Ottomans, throw pillows, area rugs, and lamps can all add comfort and ambiance to your living room furniture setup. Consider these items enhancements!

Things you should know about living room furniture basics:

Sofa: A sofa can set the tone for the entire room. Typically, it’s the primary piece in the room. When shopping, consider size, shape, pattern, material, and silhouette.

Armchair: Armchairs are comfortable chairs meant for leisure. It's upholstered and has support on both sides, so your arms can rest in sophistication. Armchairs are great for reading or watching TV.

Loveseat: A loveseat is a small sofa. They’re typically designed to seat two people. In essence, it’s a “double-seater” sofa!

Side Table: Side tables can go on either side of a sofa, armchair, or loveseat. They are smaller than the primary table in a living room. A side table is a great place to set a book, a cup of coffee, or the TV controller.

Coffee Table: A coffee table is a low-lying table that typically goes in the center of a living area. Coffee tables are designed to be a convenient location on which you put small objects like books, board games, or additional decorations.

What Does Your Microfiber Living Room Set Include?

Living room sets vary! At Rent-A-Center, living room sets usually come with a matching sofa and loveseat. Speak with a Rent-A Center associate and design your personalized living room package with additional items like armchairs, coffee and end tables, and even an electric fireplace. We can help fill your living room with the decor and furniture you want today.

Microfiber Living Room Furniture for Sale at Rent-A-Center

Rent-A-Center has an impressive line of Microfiber living room packages to affordably enhance your life. Furnish your home with name-brand living room furniture at affordable prices, delivered right to your door. What are you waiting for? Save time by filling out your order online and visit us in-house, where our informative Rent-A-Center associates will help you complete your purchase. Find amazing deals on Microfiber living room furniture sets and other items!

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