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It's time to replace your Oversized recliner with a new one from Rent-A-Center, the furniture store that offers flexible payments, same-day delivery options**, and so much more.

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Your recliner is where you go to unwind and enjoy your favorite relaxing activity. It’s the greatest seat in your house, and it's the greatest “throne” to relax in after a busy day. Start Your Order

But if your existing recliner is no longer your place for peace and comfort, it may be time to replace your old one with a new Oversized recliner. Find the best replacement at a price that won’t break the bank with Rent-A-Center. At Rent-A-Center, we offer flexible payments and friendly staff — so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect Oversized recliner.

Is It Time to Replace That Old Recliner?

You and your recliner have history, but now that chair has started hurting your back! If you’ve been experiencing aches, pains, and discomfort, an old recliner with poor lumbar support may be to blame. You may need to consider getting a new Oversized recliner if you’ve experienced any of the following things:

  • The footrest on your recliner refuses to move down or stay up.
  • Your recliner’s lever is loose or functioning poorly.
  • Your recliner tilts to one side or no longer reclines.
  • Your recliner’s cushion padding is damaged or lumpy.
  • You would like to redecorate your living room.
  • You’re moving and can’t take your old recliner with you.

If you’re very attached to your recliner, you may try to get it repaired. Unfortunately, quick fixes can be pricey and short-lived. Instead, get an affordable Oversized recliner that will take the pain out of replacing your old one!

Is Getting a New Oversized Recliner Worth It?

If you’re thinking of purchasing your first Oversized recliner, you may not know whether this choice is best for you. But here are a few indications that your life will be improved with a new Oversized recliner.

  • You need comfortable seating, even in restricted spaces.
  • You’re a devoted sports fan or dedicated movie buff.
  • You desire enhanced seating features like power levers, heated seating, and cup holders.

Does this sound like you? If so, check out Rent-A-Center’s impressive line of Oversized recliners for sale or rent.

Will Oversized Recliners Break the Bank?

In some instances, cozy furniture can come at an uncomfortable price. Luckily, at Rent-A-Center, we offer flexible payment options on all types of living room furniture, including Oversized recliners.

Save time by filling out an online order for your new Oversized recliner. Or visit your local Rent-A-Center for help finding a payment plan that works with your budget, and a recliner that can make your home feel like new! Our friendly staff can even help arrange free Oversized recliner delivery to make bringing comfort home even easier. Head to your local Rent-A-Center, or start your no-credit-needed** order online today! At Rent-A-Center, we've got dozens of great deals on stylish, yet cozy furniture and recliners just waiting for you to make your move.

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