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Upgrade Your Home with the Perfect 48" TV Stand

Remodeling your entertainment space with a new TV stand or entertainment center is oftentimes placed on the backburner of our busy lives. Afterall, the television is the biggest priority. Right? Well, almost. The perfect TV stand can maximize viewer enjoyment, contribute to the overall style of your living room, and keep cords and media organized. A mediocre TV stand can spoil a perfectly good movie night very quickly. At Rent-A-Center, we're here to help you take home the 48" TV stand that enhances your viewing experience, storage, and the character of your space.

Shop 48" TV Stands, But Explore Your Options, Too

Before purchasing a new 48" TV stand, consider your other options for colors, sizes, and styles. Does the stand meet every standard for your living room design? You may want to measure your space once more to ensure that the TV stand is the right size and configuration for its final destination. While measuring, ensure that you won't end up with your TV stand’s edges obstructing the path of hallways or walkways. There's nothing worse than turning the corner with a bowl of salsa and chips just to bang into or topple your furniture.

When deciding on the size of the TV stand you want to bring home, you also want to consider how far away it will sit from your couch or seating area. Will it be difficult to see the screen of your television? Will you need to keep your head tilted up or down to see the screen at just the right angle? It’s necessary to spend a little extra time confirming the dimensions of your space to ensure 100% satisfaction.

48" TV Stands with Integrated Storage Compartments

It would be quite an inconvenience to bring home your 48" TV stand only to have to purchase additional storage and shelving just to store all of your entertainment necessities. The perfect 48" TV stand will have room to organize all of your items. Rent-A-Center has a wide assortment of entertainment designs. TV stands can have open shelves, deep drawers and glass window cabinets, and sliding doors as well as shelves you can adjust to fit your needs. You can find nearly any variation of shelf and drawer configurations you want at Rent-A-Center.

Same-Day Delivery and Set-Up of Your 48" TV at No Cost to You

We're committed to providing you with flexibility and freedom wherever possible. Beginning with adaptable payment options and continuing on with free same-day delivery** and product service at no extra charge. So, come by your nearest Rent-A-Center today, pick out the 48" TV stand you want to buy or rent-to-own, We’ll bring it to your home and have it set-up just in time for your favorite late night TV show! Come to Rent-A-Center, select your perfect 48" TV stand, and improve your entertainment space today!

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