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Rent-to-Own an 63" TV Stand the Entire Family Can Enjoy

Remodeling your entertainment space with a new TV stand or entertainment center can almost feel like an afterthought. Besides, the quality of your TV is the most important feature of your entertainment space...right? Not always. The ideal TV stand can enhance your viewing experience, add a stylish flair to your living room, and adequately conceal storage items and wires. A mediocre TV stand can spoil a perfectly good sports events in no time at all. At Rent-A-Center, we're here to help you take home the 63" TV stand that will be great for both you and your family.

Shop 63" TV Stands, But Explore Your Options, Too

Before you settle on buying the 63" TV stand, consider factors like color, style, and dimension. Will the stand enhance your living room design? Or will it fall short? You may want to measure your space once more to make certain the TV stand is the optimal size and shape for its assigned location. While measuring, double-check that you won't end up with the corners of your TV or entertainment center blocking hallways or walkways. Imagine rounding a corner with a hot cup of coffee only to slam right into a piece of furniture.

When deciding on the size of the TV stand you want to bring home, you also want to consider how far away it will sit from the designated location of the TV stand to your couch. Will your TV screen be too close or too far for comfort? Will you need to keep your head tilted up or down to see the screen at just the right angle? It’s important to spend a little extra time confirming the dimensions of your space to make sure you're 100% satisfied.

63" TV Stands with Room for Games & Media

You shouldn’t bring home your new 63" TV stand only to have to purchase additional storage and shelving just to store all of your entertainment necessities. The perfect 63" TV stand will have room to organize, assemble, and conceal storage items and supplementary wires. Rent-A-Center offers a wide assortment of entertainment designs. Your options include TV stands with plenty of shelves, large drawers, cabinets with glass windows, and sliding doors and adjustable shelves. You can find TV stands with practically any drawer/shelf arrangement you desire at Rent-A-Center.

Same-Day Delivery and Set-Up of Your 63" TV at No Cost to You

We're committed to offering flexibility and freedom wherever possible. It starts with our flexible payment options and continues with our free set-up and same-day delivery** , free of charge. So, visit your local Rent-A-Center today, choose the 63" TV stand you’d like to purchase or rent-to-own, and have it set up in your home as soon as today! Get your 63" TV stand at Rent-A-Center and enhance your viewing experience today!

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