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Nothing compares to upgrading your mobile phone—going from a cracked screen to a pristine display, upping the ante on your selfie game with a better camera, and of course, showing it to your friends and family! Don’t let an outdated phone with a short battery life keep you from connecting with your loved ones whenever and however you want to. Get a flashy 128 GB phone from Rent-A-Center to upgrade today!

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Save Money on New 128 GB Smartphones

Some days, upgrade 128 GB phones feel like an unnecessary luxury, but at Rent-A-Center, they don’t have to be! Learn how to upgrade to the 128 GB phone you want at a price that’s budget-friendly, without credit**! Browse 128 GB smartphones online or stop by your local Rent-A-Center to find a device and a phone plan that works for your life!

When Should You Upgrade to a New 128 GB Phone

Phones help us stay in touch with the people who matter to us, including our long-distance friends, family, and even local businesses. A quick phone catch-up or thoughtful SMS can keep your relationship rolling or also be your lifeline in case of an emergency. That’s why phones are important, and why you can’t afford to have a faulty phone. Not to mention, upgrading phones is a great way to treat yourself, too!

Here are some signs you should replace your current phone: as low as $35 a month!

  • The battery dies within a few hours or it won’t work unless it’s plugged in.
  • The screen is cracked and hard-to-read.
  • There’s never enough storage for all your photos.
  • Your cell phone shuts off on its own.
  • Your phone calls sound muffled.
  • You secretly envy your friends’ 128 GB smartphones.
  • You want a better, faster phone with an amazing camera.

These are all signs that a new phone is calling your name! Rent 128 GB phones online or at your local Rent-A-Center. Also, you can bring your own phone plan So, if you frequent country roads and far-out destinations, Net10 Wireless is a great and thrifty option for you, with talk, SMS, and data starting at $35 a month.

Smart Savings on Phones and No-Contract Plans

Want to upgrade to a new 128 GB phone and an affordable phone plan to use it, too? At Rent-A-Center, that’s not too much to ask! You can upgrade to the 128 GB smartphone you want with a budget-friendly plan to take advantage of it – all in one place! Rent-A-Center offers affordable phone data plans from Simple Mobile and Net10 Wireless, so you can enjoy your new phone without needing a good credit score** or a bunch of cash.

SimpleMobile has no-contract phone plans with unlimited nationwide talk and texts, starting as low as $25 a month. Plus, they offer unlimited international calls to over 50 countries — and they’ve got data, too. And they’re all no-contract plans. Now, that’s what we call

You can also find plans from Net10 Wireless. They have great coverage in urban locations a simple mobile phone plan!

With Rent-A-Center, no credit needed** to get the widespread coverage you require for staying connected with your friends and fam (and your social media feeds!). Also, you don’t have to put a dent in your wallet to own the 128 GB smartphone you’ve been waiting.

Are 128 GB Smartphones Expensive?

At your nearest Rent-A-Center, 128 GB cell phones won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Stop by your local Rent-A-Center or shop online to find the 128 GB smartphone you want. Set up your order online or in-store and set up your flexible payment schedule today!

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