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There’s nothing quite like that new phone feeling—the flawless display, bonus camera features, and of course, the envious looks of friends. Having an old, clunky phone with a battery that dies too quickly is frustrating and unnerving. Upgrading to a new 5.8" smartphone is like waking up to a warm spring day after a long, frosty winter. It’s just what you need! Own your 5.8" smartphone from Rent-A-Center today.

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Some days, upgrade 5.8" phones feel like they are financially out-of-reach, but at Rent-A-Center, they aren’t. See how you can get the 5.8" phone on your wish list, at a price that doesn’t break the bank, without using credit**! Shop 5.8" phones for sale online or stop by your local Rent-A-Center to find a phone and phone plan that fits your budget!

Is It Time to Replace Your Old Phone?

Phones keep us connected to the world around us, including our long-distance friends, far-off family members, and even local businesses. A phone call or text can help rekindle a relationship or be the first point of contact for a new job opportunity. That’s why smartphones matter, and why you can’t afford to have a faulty phone. And, smartphones are fun, too!

It’s time to replace your current smartphone if: as low as $35 a month!

  • The battery dies within a few hours or it won’t work unless it’s plugged in.
  • The screen is broken and unusable.
  • It doesn’t have enough storage for all your pics.
  • It randomly “dies!”
  • The mic and speaker won’t allow you to enjoy clear calls.
  • You get real FOMO when you see your friends’ new phones.
  • You want a better, faster phone with an amazing camera.

These are signs that it’s time to ding dong ditch your old phone! Shop 5.8" smartphones online (and the strongest rural coverage) on some of the nation’s best networks. or hire a budget-friendly no-contract plan at Rent-A-Center. Net10 Wireless is a great and affordable fit for you, with talk, text, and data plans as cheap as $35 a month.

Save on Phones and Phone Plans

Want to have your 5.8" smartphone and an affordable phone plan to use it, too? With Rent-A-Center, you can! You can get the phone you want with an affordable phone plan to take advantage of it – all in one place! Rent-A-Center carries affordable talk, text & data plans from Simple Mobile and Net10 Wireless, so you can get connected without underground a credit check** or dipping into your savings.

SimpleMobile offers phone plans that include unlimited talk and text nationwide, starting at less than $30 per month. Plus, they contain unlimited international calls to dozens of destinations — and their plans include data, too! And did we mention there are no long-term contracts? Now, that’s what we call

Net10 Wireless also has amazing phone plans. They have great coverage in urban locations a straightforward cell phone plan.

At Rent-A-Center, no credit needed** to get the widespread coverage you need to stay connected with the people you love (and your social networks!). And you don't need to spend a lot of money to own the new 5.8" cell phone on your wishlist.

What Do 5.8" Smartphones Cost?

At Rent-A-Center, 5.8" cell phones don’t have huge upfront prices. Stop by your local Rent-A-Center or shop online to rent the 5.8" smartphone you need. Initiate your order and bring home a new 5.8" phone now!

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