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When you need to stay extra cool, then you need an air conditioner unit. When you want to keep extra cool without breaking the bank, you need to shop air conditioner units at Rent-A-Center. We make it easy to keep your house breezy when it gets too hot to function. And when you’re ready to rent the A/C unit, we can deliver it straight to you, no sweat.

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Why Rent-to-Own an Air Conditioner at Rent-A-Center

Air conditioners have been around for more than 100 years. Shouldn’t tech that’s been around that long be more affordable? At Rent-A-Center, we believe you shouldn’t have to suffer through the heat just because a new air conditioner unit is too expensive. And having reliable air conditioning does more than improve your quality of living. It can also protect your valuables by keeping the air in your home climate-controlled. After all, moisture and humidity thrive in warm environments and can wreak havoc on your house and the things in it. So, cool them down with a new air conditioner! At Rent-A-Center, you can find affordable air conditioners so you can keep your home as cool as you like it.

When to Buy a New Air Conditioner

You know it’s time to buy or rent a new air conditioner when your current one starts blowing hot air all the time. But it isn’t always that simple. Sometimes, signs that it’s time to get a new one are a bit more subtle. So, here are a few things to look for when determining if you need a new air conditioner unit.

Strange Sounds and Smells

Most air conditioners are designed to have minimal to no noise levels. So, if you hear clanking, grinding, chattering, or any other new strange noise coming from your air conditioning, it’s time to start thinking of getting a new one. Additionally, air conditioners are designed to emit clean, fresh air. But if you smell a burning smell or something out of the ordinary when your unit kicks on, it’s worth checking out a new air conditioner.

Weak Air Flow

If you are cranking your A/C unit to full blast, but the airflow still feels weak, you might have a problem. As air conditioner units age, there is more potential for parts of it to get clogged or stop working, which results in reduced functionality. You may notice a lack of airpower when you hold your hand over the vent or it takes the unit much longer to cool down the room. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to replace your unit.

Higher Energy Bills

When an air conditioner is not functioning correctly, it can take a lot more energy to run. When this happens, you may notice a spike in your energy bill. If this is happening and you aren’t leaving your lights on 24/7, it might be your air conditioner.

Rent-to-Own a New Air Conditioner Unit

Ready to own a new air conditioner for your home? Head to your nearest Rent-A-Center or start shopping online to find the one that’s right for you.

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